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We are a leader in the consulting field, specializing in Up Selling trainings for more than 5 years.
Thanks to our extended coverage and experience, we are now able to provide you with a benchmarking number regarding how much your hotel should be making in Up Sell revenue per occupied room. We can deliver this number regardless of where your hotel is located, what kind of property you run, and whether or not it is a business property or resort.

The number we provide is the amount, in USD, that hotels in your city are making per occupied room in Up Sell Revenue.

To get this number, you simply divide the amount your hotel makes per month in Up Sell revenue by the number of occupied rooms, giving you the corresponding RevPOR (Revenue per occupied room) number.

If your hotel is not making that amount, we highly recommend Incrementa Up Sell training to increase your revenues.

Benchmarking of Up Sell Results

Hotel Revenue Per Occ Room Before Incrementa
Atlanta 3.18
Buenos Aires 2.23
Cancun 1.97
Cozumel 5.75
Guadalajara 3.17
Los Cabos 2.74
Mexico City 1.87
Monterrey 1.49
Puerto Vallarta 2.78
Rio de Janeiro 1.37
San Jose 2.29
Santiago 1.64
Sao Paulo 4.97
Average 2.66