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Keep your staff trained and ensure your Up Sell results keep on going

Follow Up & Continuing Training
Follow In Up is an ongoing training program designed to enforce ongoing education for hotel staff members who have previously completed our Front Desk, Reservation or Food & Beverage courses. Our continuity training is designed to monitor the performance and progress of staff members who have taken our courses.

Follow In Up guarantees continuing performance and results by training new team members and refreshing previously trained staff. Ongoing education ensures all staff members understand and implement the Up Selling philosophy. 

Experience has shown that feedback and maintenance sessions are extremely important, as results immediately go up after their implementation. Therefore, we recommend follow up sessions every 4 to 6 months in order to keep the program material fresh, ensuring superior results.

With this program, your hotel will get:

  • An increase in results and performance.
  • Strengthening of the trust and selling techniques of your team.
  • Improved service and client experience.