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We are a leader in the consulting field, specializing in Up Selling trainings for more than 5 years.
Incrementa has designed an attractive, innovative and affordable way to pay for our Up Sell trainings without the need to spend any money up front.

Our trainings and consulting work are measured by the performance of your hotel and paid only if your property generates additional incremental up sell revenues as a result of implementing our program. Given this, if your hotel does not increase your average monthly up sell revenue, our trainings do not cost anything.

This is how it works:

  • We implement the program with no initial cost to the hotel.
  • With our Shared Revenue option, your hotel pays for our training and consultancy by sharing the incremental revenues that are generated as a result of the implementation of the program.
  • Only the revenues that are made in addition to what you are currently making are considered incremental, and only those are shared.
  • Our consultancy is covered by sharing this incremental revenues, at 50/50 for 12 months.
  • If the hotel does not increase its current Up Sell revenues, then our trainings are free of charge.

With our business model, you are guaranteed to pay only if your Up Sell revenues are increased, and you will keep 50% of the revenue that you are currently not making. In using this arrangement, you will immediately see the benefits of our program and will be able to pay for our training automatically from the new revenue our program has generated.


  • The Hotel ABC Grand is generating an average of 4,893.94 USD in Up Sell revenue per month, or 0.37 cents per occupied room, based on their Up Sell results from the last 12 months.
  • This revenue belongs to the Hotel, and will be used as the basis to measure incremental up sell revenues.
  • This revenue won’t be shared with Incrementa as part of the Shared Revenue program.
  • After implementing Incrementa’s Up Sell training, the Front Desk staff was able to more than double that revenue, generating 8,546.00 USD the first month, or 0.80 cents per occupied room.
  • There are 0.43 cents per occupied room or 4,586.96 USD in incremental revenue as a result of our program implementation. (0.80 - 0.37 = 0.43)
  • This 0.43 cents per occupied room, or 4,586.96, is consider Incremental Revenue as a result of our program implementation. It will be shared at 50/50 for 12 months to pay for our training and consultancy services.
  • If during any week or month Up Sell revenues do not surpass the previous 0.37 cents Up Sell basis level, Incrementa will not collect any fees for that time period since there is not an increase in incremental revenues to share.
  • This presents a win-win scenario for the hotel, since Incrementa only collects money if we are able to increase your actual up sell revenues.