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When it comes to increasing your Up Sell revenues, Incrementa understands your problems and needs.

  • With more than 25 years of experience in the Hotel Industry, we have been able to design our consultancy and training services to focus on the actual needs of your property. We take into consideration the actual market and local situation in the city where you are, your competition, and most importantly, the educational level of the personnel we train.
  • We have designed our trainings to be easy to learn and understand by your staff. Our training materials promote teamwork, motivation, and a sophisticated sales strategy. Our sales strategy allows your hotel staff to understand: the customer’s needs, how to best sell your product, and how to improve their ‘closing’ skills. Further, all of this is done while the customer is making their reservation or checking-in; no delays or time-added. 

We have a complete suite of training modules in order to fit your needs, all with the same goal of increasing your Up Sell revenues:

Our programs include:

  • Implementation of Up Sell strategy.
  • Evaluation of your Up Sell commission structure and implementation of best practices.
  • Evaluation of your current Up Sell and category rate structure.
  • Category and revenue maximization consulting.
  • Three day training schedule, takes place in morning and afternoon.
  • Coaching sessions with each member of the team.
  • Two one-day on site follow up sessions every 4 months.
  • Implementation of Incrementa Up Sell report.
  • Implementation of Up Sell policies and commission structure.